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12th Chakra - High Potency CBD WAX CRUMBLE
FX 12th Chakra CBD Wax Crumble

12th Chakra - High Potency CBD WAX CRUMBLE

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FX 12th Chakra - CBD WAX CRUMBLE

Has a MINIMUM of 750mg of CBD!  And (see potency report in the images above), you'll see that the test reports "ABSENT" for THC, should you be wishing to minimize the risk of a positive drug screen.

Hemp Extract

If you want one of the most concentrated CBD WAX CRUMBLES available, and only the HIGHEST QUALITY CBD:

You Want 12th Chakra by FX!

12th Chakra was designed for The Purist who wants only the highest quality CBD with the most incredible taste.  This product comes from a special strain of hemp plants that we utilize only for this product.  It is naturally excessively high in CBD and excessively low in THC.  The terpenes are so prominent that as soon as you open the jar, they come wafting out to your senses.  And, once fired, they're released for you to enjoy.  


Truly the Best CBD Wax Crumble Made!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition.

FX 12th Chakra - CBD WAX CRUMBLE

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