6 CBD Vape Benefits You Can Actually Experience

cbd vape benefits

Vaping has become quite a trend in recent years, and CBD is one of the most popular vaping liquids. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical derived from the hemp plant. 

Though the hemp plant is in the same family as the marijuana plant, and CBD is an ingredient in marijuana as well as hemp, it cannot cause a high. It is reportedly able to bring certain health benefits, much like the drug it’s associated with. This is part of the reason CBD has become so popular.

Some of these CBD vape benefits will be discussed further in the paragraphs below.

1. CBD is Safer than Nicotine

Most medical experts agree that CBD in its purest form does not pose any danger and seems to offer more benefits than risks.

There are some risks with a few of the products on the market right now, but this seems to have more to do with errors in the manufacturing process than with the CBD. Overall, poor market regulation is the real danger.

CBD itself, whether from hemp or its cousin marijuana, has never been linked to a death, unlike alcohol and nicotine.

2. Pain Relief

Before getting into more CBD vape benefits it’s important to discuss something called the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a number of receptors that help to regulate various functions of our bodies, including sleep, immune systems, and appetites.

It exists in a lot of different creatures and even plants, which is why it can offer so many medical benefits. One of those benefits is pain relief.

CBD has been shown to deal with chronic pain and can be used without a prescription. Included in the long list of conditions treated by CBD are arthritis and pains associated with cancer.

3. Lower Odds of Anxiety and Depression

It turns out that stereotypical image of the happy, mellow stoner is somewhat true. Of course, CBD isn’t guaranteed to make you happy, but it has been reported to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression over time.

Some myths report that CBD can actually cause depression, but so far, there is no evidence supporting this. In fact, people who have depression are more likely to turn to CBD because it seems to help alleviate depression.

While marijuana is also believed to effectively treat depression, it has not been legally authorized in most states. CBD from hemp, however, is legal in states without the need for a prescription or a medical marijuana card.

On the subject of anxiety, CBD has been known to alleviate the symptoms, especially when it comes to social anxiety. 

4. Epilepsy

Most of the strongest evidence for epilepsy treatment comes from childhood cases. In fact, epilepsy is one of the few conditions that the FDA is willing to approve CBD as a treatment for (pharmaceutical drug called Epidiolex which contains CBD).

It is suggested that a low dose may work best, though some claim that a tolerance may develop. While this is a concern, CBD has not been known to cause serious injury or death. This means that upping the dose can be done without much trouble if necessary.

5. Slow Neurological Deterioration

Many patients with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and ALS seem to show less severe symptoms when they take hemp CBD or medical marijuana. Furthermore, those who did take CBD were found to reach a later age before symptoms started to develop compared to their peers.

This is only one study. There are many others, and most of them seem to point in the same direction–CBD may soon be the new face of Alzheimer’s treatment. It is important to note that most studies have been done on animals, often mice and rats.

It’s also important to note that the few studies conducted on humans have yielded positive results. The lack of human tests should be taken with a grain of salt as well because mice and rats are used for a reason.

They’re easy to own and care for, adapt well to new conditions, reproduce quickly and have short lifespans. However, another major reason is that the two are very similar to humans in how they react to various stimuli.

We can even create transgenic mice, which are mice that have been manipulated to carry genes linked to human diseases so that those diseases can be studied with more accuracy.

6. Reduces Cancer Symptoms

Many studies have also been conducted on CBD’s role in fighting certain types of cancer. Again, most studies have been conducted on mice, but there is some evidence that certain types of cancer and side effects of cancer treatment might respond well to CBD.

Some of the most notable studies so far have been conducted on breast cancer cells. Part of the reason CBD is believed to be effective at fighting cancer is that it is known to help with oxidative stress and inflammation, two known contributors to cancer.

You’ve likely heard of inflammation before, but oxidative stress isn’t a term that’s used much outside medical circles.

A process takes place in the human body called oxidation, which causes many of the processes associated with aging.

During this process, the body creates free radicals, which are reactive particles designed to react with antioxidants, causing them to become stable. However, when there are more free radicals than antioxidants, the free radicals react with other molecules in the body.

This causes reactions in the body that can have harmful results. These reactions have been linked to cancer, and the process that causes them to happen is called oxidative stress.

CBD Vape Benefits

While CBD is still not well understood by much of the world, what is known shows the potential for great benefits. Among other things, some CBD vape benefits may include pain relief, reduction in symptoms of epilepsy, depression, anxiety, Dementia, and cancer. 

Plus, unlike nicotine and alcohol, it’s never killed anyone. 

If you want to learn more about hemp CBD or where to buy it, please visit our site. We can even give you a crash course on how to vape CBD.