7 Qualities To Look For In The Ideal Vaporizer For CBD Oil

vaporizer for cbd oil

In the United States, 3.7% of adults use vapor products or electronic cigarettes regularly. This figure is representative of close to 9 million people.

So, why won’t you join the vaping bandwagon!

If you are in search of the most effective way to enjoy CBD, you should consider using a CDB vaporizer. They not only offer users portability and convenience; they can deliver high bioavailability of CBD compared to most options.

By vaporizing CBD, it doesn’t get filtered by the body metabolism but instead enters the bloodstream through the lungs.

With plenty of vaporizers on the market, it can be challenging to choose the ideal one. We share 7 qualities to look for in the ideal vaporizer for cbd oil.

1. A Refillable Vaporizer

Most of the vaporizers in the market feature a refillable pod or tank, but there are those that can’t be refilled. The non-refillable models have a tank that only last once. Such a vaporizer isn’t recommended if you’re planning on using it in the future.

Most people tend to prefer the re-usable vape pens as they feature a CBD vape cartridge which can either be battery or tank based. Users find the tank-style vape pens convenient as it allows them to choose their blend of oils or e-liquid.

Different vapers tend to prefer different tank sizes, but for regular vapers, large tank size is ideal as it reduces the number of times they have a refill.

2. Size Of The Vape

Vaporizers are designed differently with some being small pen sizes and others large enough that they can hardly fit your pocket. When evaluating the size of a vaporizer, you need to ask yourself a few basic questions; Are you going to use the Vape at home or before you go to bed? Also, do you plan on using the vaporizer when you’re out?

You’d want to consider the portable models if you are planning on using them away from home. Most vaporizers are small in size and can easily fit in a purse or pocket.

3. Quality Of The Vape

The quality of your vaporizer will largely influence your vaping experience. If you purchase your vaporizer from an authentic dealer, you will always have peace of mind as you are guaranteed of its durability.

Many CBD suppliers stock vape pens explicitly designed for CBD. Sourcing from such suppliers’ guarantees you that the CBD will burn at the correct heat and that very little will get wasted. The problem with cheap, poorly made vape pens is that they can ruin your experience as they can overheat or underheat.

Also, the batteries don’t heat up enough. This can create problems with your concentrate as the terpenes and cannabinoids may not vaporize at the required level which deprives you of the rich flavors and pleasurable effects.

4. Temperature Control

When in search of a vape pen, one of the things that you shouldn’t overlook is the temperature that your vaporizer heats the oil. Some vaporizers indicate the temperature in which the vaporizer is heating while others aren’t very clear.

You need to settle on those that don’t heat more than 160 degrees to prevent your CBD oil from burning or getting too hot.  Large-sized vaporizers are not suitable for vaping CBD as they heat at a much higher temperature. If you must get one, then settle for those that allow you to regulate temperature.

5. Convenience

Depending on your usage, vaporizers can either be convenient and easy to use or have different complicated settings and parts. So, it’s up to you to figure out whether you want a simple experience or an experience with more customized options.

Some users prefer vaporization with different settings as it allows for greater customization, which enhances their vaping experience. For others, a vaporizer that can be easily opened and used right away is more convenient.

6. Battery Life

Vaporizers have different battery life. Some can last for hours, while others will only last for a short time. Most vaporizers will indicate how long an average charge can last. So, when purchasing your vape pen, you should consider those with long-lasting battery life.

The other important consideration is how long it takes the battery of a vaporizer to be fully charged after it goes off. Some vaporizers can fully recharge after thirty minutes while others take even longer. This is something you should keep in mind if you are going to use your vaporizer frequently.

7. Method Of Consumption

Are you looking to vaporize the CBD through flower or concentrates? Well. Vape pens are designed to be used for both methods. If you want to vaporize CBD using concentrates, you should consider getting pens that are small and narrow. This is because their tank size will only need to hold a small amount of concentrated oil.

Vape pens for flowers are larger with bigger chambers because the flower has a large volume than oil. Vaporizing flower means that you have to keep changing the tank since it doesn’t disintegrate. The advantage of vaporizing oil is that it always burns itself off when you are using.

Settle For The Best Vaporizer For CBD Oil 

When in search of the best vaporizer for CBD oil, it’s vital that you consider how convenient it is to use the vaporizer. If you are looking for more enhanced user experience, then those with more settings and customization options will work for you.

You’ll also want to take into account the size of the pen. If you are outdoors most of the time, then the pen size vape can come in handy. Your vaporizer needs to have a long battery life so that you can enjoy your vaping experiencing for longer. It should also take a short time to be fully charged.

Keep in mind that you need to settle on vaporizers that indicate the temperature. They also shouldn’t heat past 160 degrees as your CBD will burn or get too hot.

This guide should help you get a head start when in search of a quality vaporizer. Check out our blog and learn how CBD can benefit senior citizens.