CBD for Sleep: Can Hemp-Derived CBD Help Reduce Insomnia?

cbd for sleep

There are many science-backed reasons why lack of sleep does your body no good. For example, did you know that sleep deprivation is a sex drive killer? Or that chronic sleep loss puts you at risk for serious health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes? But perhaps the most frustrating thing about being an insomniac is trying all […]

Creams? Edibles? Vapes? Here’s How to Use CBD Oil for Back Pain!

how to use cbd oil for back pain

Nearly 80% of the population experiences some form of back pain on a regular basis. This is largely due to the number of desk jobs that result in poor posture. Fortunately, if you know how to use CBD oil for back pain, you can greatly reduce the amount of pain you experience. Here we will dive further […]

Is It All Hype? A Closer Look at the Benefits of Vaping CBD

Benefits of Vaping CBD

The CBD market is expected to hit 22 billion dollars by 2022. Most of those dollars will come from new sales to customers that are trying the product for their first time. For years, CBD has been available in many head shops, but it is only recently that the substance has gained notoriety. Today people tout its […]

Can CBD Vape Oil Help People with Anxiety Disorders?

cbd vape oil

Today, we don’t fear the “reefer madness” like in previous generations. More research is proving marijuana and hemp are non-toxic plants capable of treating multiple ailments. Modern technology lets us extract cannabinoids to control psychoactive effects and healing properties. CBD is one of the 80 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant and is the cannabinoid that provides […]

GPR119 May Join CB1 and CB2 As a Cannabinoid Receptor


GPR119 is a receptor embedded in the cell membranes of certain cells in all mammals that have been tested so far, including humans. It functions by receiving signals from very specific molecules that are able to “lock” onto it and activate it. Like other cannabinoid receptors, or potential cannabinoid receptors, the GPR119 receptor can receive […]

The GPR55 Receptor and How CBD Interacts With It


GPR55 is a “G protein receptor” that is embedded within the cell membrane. This is where the “GPR” part of the name comes from. G protein receptors are a very broad family of cell membrane receptors that all have a similar sinuous structure, crossing through the cell membrane seven times. All G protein receptors receive […]

GPR55: The Leading Candidate For the CB3 Cannabinoid Receptor

GPR55 is a cell membrane receptor that was first identified in the brain in 1999. It was also cloned that year. By looking at the gene sequence, its physical structure, and the specific molecules that interacted with it, scientists began to speculate that it might be a cannabinoid receptor like CB1 and CB2. The majority […]