Can CBD Be Used as a Cancer Treatment? What You Need to Know

buying cannabis oil for cancer


It’s a word that commands silence. It commands reverence. It’s the first word that starts a life-altering journey for all who get the diagnosis.

Cancer may not always be fatal, but it often comes with a tremendous amount of suffering. It’s a mental, physical and emotional rollercoaster ride.

But, with time, treatments are getting better. Doctors are finding ways to eradicate cancer cells or at the very least, stop them from spreading to other areas of the body. Usually, the treatments include surgery, followed by chemotherapy and/or alternative treatments.

But, we all know about the ravaging effects of chemotherapy on the body. The hair loss. The fatigue. The loss of appetite.

Thankfully these days, Cannabis and CBD oil, in particular, has become a more mainstream option for the management of chemotherapy side effects.

Sure, it’s not for everyone, but buying cannabis oil for cancer patients has become an exciting option in an ever-expanding medical marijuana market.  And, for those not wanting to deal with marijuana, its “highs” and/or its legalities, there is CBD oil from hemp. CBD Oil from hemp does not cause one to get high and it is legal in all states without the need for a prescription or medical card.

The Chemotherapy Dilemma

Chemotherapy has long been the go-to treatment for cancer.

And while it can be effective enough to completely eradicate cancer cells for some patients, in others, it can only slow down the spreading of cancer cells. It can prolong a patient’s life considerably, but it comes with a long list of side effects that can severely alter a patient’s quality of life. 

Since the whole point of chemotherapy is to kill cancer cells, it’s toxic to many of the rest of the body’s functions. And while there have been many studies and clinical trials, there has never been a treatment that can pinpoint cancel cells only. 

That’s where all those nasty chemotherapy side effects we mentioned earlier come in. We all know how terrible they look from the outside, but it’s an entirely different experience when you’re the one going through.

Many will refuse chemotherapy because they want to feel healthier than that for the rest of whatever time they have left.

Buying Cannabis Oil for Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Now, while we can’t say with any certainty that CBD is an end-all, be-all treatment, we can share some studies with you to back up some emerging findings.

Many already know about the medicinal benefits of Cannabis on managing the side effects of chemotherapy. It has been found to manage pain, nausea and stimulate appetite, among other things.

And, there is this 2013 study that says, “Cannabinoids are currently used in cancer patients to palliate wasting, emesis, and pain that often accompany cancer.”

Using CBD oil may not only be an effective way to keep your chemotherapy symptoms soothed, but it can also be used as preventative medicine. As it goes with most other treatments, CBD must be used on a strict schedule to maintain a baseline.

The benefits of vaping with CBD oil are that it can ease symptoms almost instantaneously and those benefits can be felt all throughout the body for holistic relief.

How to Use CBD Oil for Cancer Treatment

When choosing to embark on a CBD regimen for any kind of health benefit or treatment, it’s a good idea to do all your research first. Finding the best CBD oil for cancer is a personal choice, but it should be used with regularity for best results.

Finding the right dosage is another personal choice, but we suggest speaking with your doctor or medical team before starting any kind of ongoing CBD oil cancer treatment. 

Can CBD Kill Cancer Cells?

Evidence has emerged that CBD may kill cancer cells. And better yet, it may do what chemotherapy has failed to do for as long as it’s been around. CBD may kill cancer cells and cancer cells alone.

In that 2013 study, we mentioned earlier, they go on to say, “A significant advancement in cannabinoid use in cancer treatment came from the discovery of a potential utility of these compounds for targeting and killing cancer cells.” And, “Interestingly, the anticancer effect of this compound seems to be selective for cancer cells, at least in vitro, since it does not affect normal cell lines.”

In numerous studies, it appears that CBD can kill cancerous cells where they stand without affecting any of the surrounding healthy cells.

Over the last couple decades, scientists have studied CBD as a treatment for a variety of cancers ranging from colon cancers, brain cancers, breast cancers, lung cancers, prostate cancers, skin cancers to even Leukemia.

The exciting results continue to unfold as marijuana is legalized across the country and the medical community embraces cannabis as an effective cancer treatment, the benefits of which aren’t even fully understood yet.  And, as we discussed earlier, CBD Oil from hemp is, on a molecular level, the same product which is legal in all states now!

How CBD Oil Will Impact Your Life

Many people considering vaping with CBD oil often ask, “Will CBD get me high?” And when your life has already been flipped upside down by a cancer diagnosis, the last thing you want to do is feel high all the time.

But the benefit of using CBD oil is that is must, by law, contain no more than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. So, when you’re getting rid of the side effects of chemotherapy, you won’t be adding any psychoactive side effects either.

Vaping with CBD oil makes your regimen easy, portable, efficient and quick acting. 

Our Best CBD Oil for Cancer

When you’re trying to choose which CBD oil is right for you, there are many options. Buying cannabis oil for cancer treatment shouldn’t be a decision you take lightly. Make sure you do all your research, first.

Make sure you dive deep when you look into the ingredients of your CBD vape oil. We never, ever use propylene glycol, which is a sneaky ingredient you’ll find in many other vapes.

We specialize in CBD vape oil with terpenes, which have some added elements of soothing effects. 

Whatever you choose to use in your CBD cancer journey, know that there is always hope.

The studies of today become the treatments of tomorrow. And with continuing research on the benefits of CBD oil on cancer cells, we’re confident that the news to come will only get better and better.