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CBD Oil Without Propylene Glycol: The Dangers of PG

cbd oil without propylene glycol

Vape pens for CBD and THC are becoming increasingly popular. They’re low-key, easy to use, and better for the lungs. But have you ever read your CBD vape oil ingredients? Spoiler alert—it’s not always only CBD in there. There could be a variety of additives, flavoring agents, and other toxins that turn carcinogenic when heated. This is because […]

6 Interesting CBD Facts That You Probably Never Knew

cbd facts

CBD oil is an increasingly popular natural remedy used to treat a variety of ailments. It is one of 104 chemical compounds called cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant (marijuana and hemp). And medical research on cannabis has also led to more CBD oil info for us to learn from.  It’s important to understand the […]

CBD Oil for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

cbd oil for dogs

The CBD consumer market is expected to become a 23 billion dollar business by 2025. It’s not just for human health concerns anymore. Today, more pet owners are giving CBD to their pets, too. Now available in oil form, tinctures, and even dog treats, CBD can make a big difference to their health. Keep reading to learn everything […]

CBD Oil for Arthritis: Is the Scientific Verdict In?

cbd oil for arthritis

Arthritis currently affects 54 million Americans, with 31 million specifically suffering from osteoarthritis. It’s also more prevalent among women, with 26 percent of all women between the ages of 18 and 64 suffering from this disease. The percentage of the male population that’s dealing with the same condition is just 18 percent. For treatment, many of […]

Meet Dripping: Vaping’s Latest Trend

drip vaping

Nearly seven percent of Americans are already using cannabidiol (CBD). According to this report, the potential market for this much-hyped cannabis compound is expected to reach $16 billion by 2025. With CBD’s rising popularity, new trends are popping up throughout the industry, including CBD drip vaping. With the rise of this trend, more people are asking […]

Vaping Etiquette: How to Puff Politely in Public and Not be That Guy

vaping etiquette

It’s estimated that by the year 2021, 55 million people will be part of the vaping community. So, are you one of the many who are new to the world of vaping? Then you’ll likely have some questions and concerns about proper vape guidelines.  Not all vaping gets considered equal. Some people vape nicotine, while others choose […]