Vape Pens


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of brands and models of vape hardware. And, the models get upgrades and have changes with each model year. Because of this, we do not carry any hardware. But, we have one particular configuration that many of our customers have reported great success with. So, we share this info with you. You can search the web or your local vape shop for the items discussed below.


If you’re vaping a highly concentrated CBD Vape Oil, you need a pen that is able to handle the load. The organic plant matter in FX is pretty rich. And, because of this, many vaporizer pens on the market simply cannot handle the load and will have their cartridges burn up prematurely. All vape oil (or ejuice) cartridges have a limited life. But, the thicker plant residue that is present in our line of CBD vape oils will cause this to happen much quicker, unless you have a good quality vaporizer pen that can handle the load.

There are a number of high quality vape pens on the market that can do the job, but many of them can get pretty pricey, pretty quickly. For the money, many customers have recommended the EGO-C Twist Vaporizer Pen. First, the battery is a 1300mah battery, so its got the power to our thick vape oils and it can run for a very long time between charges. So, you have less hassle with keeping it charged.

Second, the battery has a “twist” mechanism on the bottom that allows you set the variable voltage setting of the vape pen from 3.2V to 4.8V or any step in between. This will be helpful for you when you’re wanting to control the flavor of the vape. Too high for a given product, and it may taste burnt. Too low and it may not put off the right amount of vapor for you. You can select whichever setting you like best.

Third, the clearomizer is designed to handle thicker ejuices. The clearomizer (or cartridge) is considered a disposable type one. So, you will only get a few uses out of it and you will need to purchase a longer lasting solution (see Aspire Nautilus X info below).

Fourth, as pointed out just above, the EGO-C Twist Vape Pen Kit utilizes 510 threads. So, its very easy to purchase additional components, such as a ceramic chamber for waxes/dabs, to work with your battery. Again, the battery is quite robust. And, with the ability to set the voltage to whatever setting you like, you can easily integrate other chambers, etc for your various vape products. For instance, some people like to use one clearomizer for their daily ejuice and use the one that comes with this vape kit for their FX CBD Vape Oil. With the the EGO-C Twist Battery, you can easily switch between your juices and adjust the voltage to whatever setting you like. Also, with the 510 threads, if you ever lose your USB charger, it is easy to go to a local vape shop and purchase a suitable replacement.

Fifth, this vape kit is very easy to use. It doesn’t come with a lot of complicated parts and a huge instruction book. It comes with the 510 thread – 1300mah battery, the Ce5 Long Wick Clearomizer, a USB Charger and is all kept nice and neat in a perfectly designed carrying case.

The EGO-C Twist Vaporizer Pen Kit has been recommended by customers as the perfect starter vape pen or the ideal addition to your existing collection.


For those who want to add a special tank to their line up that can handle just about anything you’d want to throw at it, the Aspire Nautilus-X Clearomizer Tank can be added. This is a tank that holds a full 2ml of vape oil (ejuice) and consistently gets high marks for maximum vapor, no leaks and easy maintenance. It is made with Pyrex Glass and a Solid Stainless Steel molded frame. It is beefy and will outlast any other tank we’ve seen used on our vape oils.

The Aspire Nautilus-X Tank is DEFINITELY Worth Checking Out!

Again, you can find these pieces all over the internet. Please shop around and find a site that you’re comfortable in dealing with. If in doubt, call them and see what kind of support you get.