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EGO-C Twist Vape Pen Kit - 1300mah
Ego C Twist Vape Pen Kit

EGO-C Twist Vape Pen Kit - 1300mah

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Variable Voltage, 1300mah Battery!
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Ego-C Twist Vape Pen Kit

Simple enough for the Beginner, but robust enough for the Highly Concentrated FX CBD Vape Oils!

The Ego-C Twist Vape Pen Kit is our recommended choice for an affordable, yet powerful, vape pen to handle the FX line of vape oils (ejuice).  Since our vape oil has a rather high concentration of organic plant matter, you need a vape pen that can handle it without burning up.  The variable voltage setting on the EGO-C Twist is just perfect for you.  By setting the voltage from 3.2V to 4.8V or any setting in between, you can control the amount of vapor along with the it's flavor, to ensure the vape oil is not getting burnt.  This not only maximizes the flavor of your vapor, but also increases the life of your components!

The battery is a very nice Stainless Steel finish.

This is a very simple pen to use and is ideal for the FX line of Terpene-Infused, Highly Concentrated CBD Vape Oils.

Contents Include:
1300mah - 510 Thread Battery with Variable Voltage - Stainless Steel in Color
1.6ml Long Wick, Ce5 Clearomizer
USB Charger
Carrying Case
(As an honest retailer, we have to point out the cartridge/clearomizer that comes with this kit is pretty cheap and has frequent failures.  The Ego C Battery is awesome, though.  But, for best results, we recommend the Ego C be paired with the Aspire Nautilus X Tank to replace the inexpensive cartridge that comes in the kit.)

That's it!  That's all you need.  

But, we DO recommend one upgrade for long term use:  The ASPIRE NAUTILUS X TANK.  This would be used to replace the clearomizer that comes with the Ego-C Twist Vape Pen.  Actually, you would receive both if you purchase the Nautilus X Tank upgrade.  More specific information can be found elsewhere on this site about the Nautilus X Tank.  But, in short, it is a very well built (made from Pyrex Glass and Stainless Steel), larger tank with upgraded heating elements -AND- adjustable port holes to allow you to adjust the air flow into and out of the tank, thus allowing you to select how hard you have to drag on the tank and how much vapor you get from each drag.  The Ego-C Twist Battery coupled with the Aspire Nautilus X Tank truly gives an incredible vape pen that is worthy of the FX CBD Vape Oil line.  


The power of the battery, along with it's variable voltage and 510 threads, makes it THE IDEAL battery to work with a multitude of clearomizers, atomizers and ceramic chambers for all of your vape material.  You will not find a more versatile battery!

For those seeking a beefed up clearomizer, check out the Aspire Nautilus X Tank also available on our website.  Together, they give you a great battery, a small (1.6ml), but average sized clearomizer for your ejuices, and a larger (2ml) and robust tank for your FX CBD VAPE OIL!  We highly recommend the set together, but this kit, by itself, will more than do the job!

(IMPORTANT:  If you decide to upgrade to the Aspire Nautilus X tank, please know that it is very simple to use, but is not recommended for the beginning vapor unless you have an experienced person who can help you.  We do not do returns on products so please be sure of your purchase prior to completing it.)

Ego-C Twist Vape Pen Kit

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