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Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Vape Oil from Hemp

Q.  Are these products legal where I live?
A.  All the products we sell which contain CBD are legal in all 50 states and over 40 countries, including Canada.  Because our products use CBD that is extracted from hemp, rather than marijuana, the products are not regulated by the same laws that regulate marijuana.

Q.  Do I need a prescription or medical marijuana card to buy these CBD Juices?
A.  No.  You can order online and check out without providing any documentation beyond the normal shipping/billing info.

Q.  Will these products make me high?
A.  All our products which contain CBD, utilize an extract that is lower than .3% THC, which is required by law.  As such, the THC level is so low that no one has ever reported any sort of 'high' or euphoric feeling.  The products are definitely considered to be non-psychotropic.

Q.  Will I pass a drug test if using these products?
A.  That depends on the drug test.  Most employment drug screens testing for THC or drug use, do not test positive if very minute amounts of THC are found.  Generally, employers have some level that, if tests detect an amount below that level, they are "passing", and if they detect an amount above that level, they are "failing".  Now, we cannot tell you what parameters your being tested within.  So, if in doubt, communicate with your employer.  For more information on this subject, please read the following webpage from a well respected website:  (  )

Q.  How strong are the effects that the terpenes provide?
A.  They are fairly subtle.  They do not cause you to lose your ability to control yourself.  They typically enhance your ability to achieve whatever feeling or effect you desire.  But, you stay in control of yourself at all times.

Q.  Does CBD cure (your health condition)?
A.  The FDA does not allow us to make any claims about what CBD can or will do for you.  There is quite a bit of reported information available online about people with various conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, anxiety, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, etc and what they've experienced.  What we CAN tell you is that we have people with these types of conditions purchase our products on a regular basis.  Again, we can't tell you CBD is helping them.  But, you can probably figure out why they return.

Q.  How much should I use?
A.  We generally suggest CBD Vape Oils be used on an "as needed" basis, depending on your own desires.

Q.  Is vaping CBD ejuice the best way to take CBD?  
A.  First and foremost, everyone is different.  There is no definitive, singular answer to this question.  But, what is generally reported by most is that vaping CBD tends to be felt quickly, within 1-2 minutes and lasts for a shorter duration, while taking CBD orally tends to take longer, like 20-40 minutes, but tends to last longer.

Q.  Do I need to buy one of the vaporizer pens you sell on this website or can I use what I have now?
A.  You do not need to buy a vape pen that we sell.  You do want to ensure you have a vape pen that can handle a very thick ejuice that is rich in plant material to ensure its maximum life.  Typically, due to the richness of the vape oil, heating elements in the cartridges tend to burn up quicker than with thinner juices.

Q.  Can I use these vape oils while taking my prescription?
A.  We always recommend you discuss how any medications you take might interact with any of our products, with your doctor or health care provider.

Q.  Why don't you use Propylene Glycol in your CBD Vape Oil?
A.  Here is the definition we found online for Propylene Glycol:  a liquid alcohol that is used as a solvent, in antifreeze, and in the food, plastics, and perfume industries. 
      We don't feel this is something that should be in a human body in any way.