FX Terpenes

FX Terepenes for the Smoking/Vaping Enthusiast!

We now offer you the same Terpene Blends we use in our CBD Vape Oils. You can order them either individually or as a complete set!

Add just 2-3 drops of any of our terpene blends. Great for CBD Waxes, Dabs, Concentrates, and Vape Oils. We even have people add them to their tobacco for a unique effect. Each bottle has 1.6ml which is 70-75 drops.

Choose your Favorite Terpene Blend below of a Full Set:

Chill – To Enhance Relaxation or Anxiety Reduction
Imagine – To Enhance Creativity and Open Mindedness
Remedy – To Enhance Pain Relief and Inflammation Reduction
Sandman – To Enhance Drowsiness and Sleep
Touch – To Enhance Sensual Touch
Think – To Enhance Increased Focus and Attention

FX Terpenes – Premium Terpenes without the Premium Price!