Hemp CBD vs Marijuana CBD: What’s the Difference?

hemp cbd vs marijuana cbd

By 2025, the legal cannabis industry will be worth $146.4 billion.

And with more states making it legal, now is a good of a time as any to explore everything it can offer.

If you’re interested in CBD oil, you may have read all of the studies and new information that points toward its ability to help with pain and other chronic conditions. But, you’ve likely also heard a lot of catchphrases surrounding it and may have questions.

You may have also heard the terms hemp, cannabis, and marijuana, and wondered if they were one and the same or describe different things.

In this article, we’ll go over hemp CBD vs marijuana CBD, so you’ll be ready to purchase your first CBD product with confidence.

The Cannabis Plant

If you want to understand the differences between the two types of CBD oils, you’ll need to go back to its roots: the plant it comes from.

Marijuana and hemp are similar, but they aren’t the same thing. They come from the same cannabis sativia plant family, but genetically, there are slightly different.

Hemp plants are typically much taller. Some individuals liken their appearance to bamboo stalks. Each plant can grow up to 15 feet in a field dedicated to hemp plants. But, most importantly, they are naturally low in THC (the compound that gets you high) and naturally high in CBD.

Marijuana, however, is much shorter than its hemp cousin. Instead, the plants and much wider. They are naturally high in THC and low in CBD.

So, it’s the hemp plants that are being used most often in the production of CBD Oil, but not always. So, you definitely want to make sure you’re looking at the right product.

Marijuana and Hemp Plants: The Key Difference

Though the two plants are related, there is one key difference between them: the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. This is the psychotropic substance that, although naturally occurring, makes individuals feel and appear high.

Marijuana is not legal in all 50 states yet, and in some states, one can only purchase it with a medical prescription.

All substances containing certain levels of THC produce the classic “high” that weed users are known for. This includes feeling calm, lethargic, hungry, having red eyes and other symptoms.

Hemp plants must contain less than .3% (3/10%) THC in order to be legally sold without a prescription in most states.

Hemp CBD vs Marijuana CBD

So, what is CBD exactly? Well, it stands for cannabidiol, which is found in both hemp and marijuana plants. Although it is currently only FDA approved as a pharmaceutical drug to treat a few types of seizures through a new medication, it is thought to help control anxiety, arthritis, depression and a host of other illnesses.

What is important to know is that if CBD Oil is extracted from marijuana, regardless of how much THC it has present in the oil, it falls under marijuana restrictions. If CBD Oil is extracted from hemp, it is legal in all states without any prescription or medical card required, since it is naturally low in THC.

Some individuals see a medicinal benefit to using marijuana CBD, but it is not yet legal in all 50 states.

How Do You Administer CBD Oil?

There are many ways to administer CBD oil, and each individual prefers it their own way. One of the most popular ways to take the oil is to purchase it in a bottle with a dropper. The user will then place a few drops under the tongue, hold it there for a few moments, and then swallow it.

While this is one of the most popular methods, it isn’t the only one, nor is it the most effective for everyone. Others prefer to eat food with CBD oil inside of them, known as edibles. Creative individuals have found ways to place CBD into baked goods, as well as delicious gummies.

Many stores will sell CBD oil in pill form. They are often in gel capsules, which have been filled with the oil. Users can take a couple any time they feel pain in order to help relieve some of it.

You can also vape or smoke CBD oil, the same way you might with traditional marijuana. Many people prefer this method because the CBD gets into the body a little bit more quickly, and they can feel the effects almost immediately.

Thus far, there has never been a case of CBD overdose, so you can experiment with what is best for you.

FX CBD Vape Oil

FX CBD vape oil is purely CBD oil extracted from hemp. As the company ships all over the country, you can purchase it from anywhere in the United States.

The vape oil contains the required less than .3% THC that store owners who sell CBD from hemp must comply with in order to operate. This means you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re purchasing from a company with ethics and that complies with the law.

All of the hemp FX CBD Vape Oil uses has been sourced from small farms in Colorado.

Should I Use CBD Oil?

Now that you know the difference between hemp CBD vs marijuana CBD, you might be inclined to give it a try. As it is relatively safe, and hemp CBD won’t get you high, there’s not much to lose when giving it a go.

If you’re curious about CBD oil you can vape, head over to our inventory and check out the wide range of CBD vape oil FX CBD has to offer for its customers.