Hemp FlowerHemp Flower has become the newest hot trend in how to get your CBD. But, it’s actually one of the oldest ways. Back when our world was a much simpler place in which to live, people would either eat or smoke the hemp plants to get their CBD. They didn’t know at the time that they were getting cannabidiol, aka CBD. But, they knew they felt better when they took it in. Now, of course, there are many ways for someone to take in this amazing natural plant compound. But, the most basic is still preferred by many: smoking premium hemp flower.

Strains of Hemp Flower

Of course, man cannot leave things to nature. And, over time, various strains of hemp plants have been created which in turn produce beautiful buds which can be smoked, vaped or eaten. These strains are generally very similar to the naturally occurring hemp plants which all have such little THC that there is no psychoactive “high” and they are legal in all states across the U.S. Each strain created will typically have a variation in terpenes and other naturally occurring terpenes so the overall effect from one strain to another can be noticeably different. For instance, the “Lifter” strain we have below typically produces an effect that causes the smoker to feel slightly elevated levels of awareness and energy. All the while, the CBD is still quite prominent typically producing the desired effects that people are seeking.

Why Highland Pharms Hemp Flower

Highland Pharms is widely known to be one of the premier providers of Hemp CBD Products. Starting in 2015, we’ve been around longer than many brands today. We got our start by focusing on providing premium grade hemp cbd products to the medical community so doctors and medical practitioners could recommend natural treatments to their patients. To that end we’ve always focused on bringing our customers – our “family – products that utilize the whole plant and not just CBD isolate, products that use extract from hemp plants that are grown using organic means and are NON-GMO, products that use extract removed from the plants without the use of chemical solvents and are clean and free of metals and pesticides, and products that use extract from plants grown in the United States.

Are They Legal Everywhere?

Since these flowers are from hemp plants and not from marijuana plants, they are naturally low in THC, the cannabinoid that causes one to get “high”. The THC levels are all below .3% (3/10%) and as such are classified as Industrial Hemp and are legal in all states without requiring a medical card or a doctor’s prescription. We do have to require that all purchasers are over the age of 21 and therefore, we ship them “adult signature required”, so as to protect against misuse. These flowers can be smoked or vaped, or even eaten (for best results smoke or vape).

We are very proud to bring you the best of the best when it comes to your well-being. We know you will love them!

Highland Pharms Premium Hemp Flower

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