CBD WaxHIGHLAND PHARMS is one of the most highly coveted brands of CBD Wax available.  We were one of the first brands to bring these products to market.  Originally, there were only one or two brands offering these types of products.  Their consistency wasn't very great, the flavors were lackluster at best and their ability to keep a ready supply available was not very constant.  Seeing that many people were wanting a high-quality wax for vaping, smoking or simply using topically, we created our CBD180.  It was our first wax offering and was recognized by connoisseurs as having the best flavor, yet being exceptionally smooth.  Times have changed and customers expect more highly concentrated products, so our 180 has been retired for quite some time.  Now, we offer 3 levels of concentration:  a 30%, a 50% and a 75+%  single gram product so you can choose what is best for you.....but, you still get that same great original smooth flavor.

Our 30% offering is a single gram with a minimum of 300mg of CBD.  Our 50% offering is a single gram with at least 500mg and our 75% offering is a single gram with over 750mg!  All are made with our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract which means you get all the other cannabinoids along with the cannabidiol.  This is also referred to as the "Whole Plant Extract" or having an "Entourage Effect" as all the cannabinoids work together.  And, all of our waxes utilize the same extract as our products which come from plants grown in Colorado and not some unknown place overseas.  

Try them today in your vape pen or smoking chamber and you'll find them to be very rich in flavor, yet very smooth.  Or, apply them topically to where ever you may want to direct the CBD into your body or onto a skin growth.  Finally, you can also simply "eat" the CBD Wax.  If you do this, you'll want to keep the product under your tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing, just as you would a tincture or liquid drop.  This allows the extract to be taken into your bloodstream prior to it being broken down by stomach acids.

There are no other ingredients in our waxes other than just Ultra-High Grade Extract from Colorado Grown Hemp Plants.  

And, below you will also find our Amazing Shatter, fortified with a high amount of terpenes exacted from our Hemp Plants.  But, also, you will find our Crystals which are pure cannabidiol (also called isolate).  The Crystals are an excellent choice to add to other products like vape oils, waxes, etc if you'd like to increase their CBD content.

Great Aroma, Smooth Flavor and Pure Extract.....that's Highland Pharms CBD Wax!
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Crystals999 - 999mg of CBD
$60.00  $49.95
300 Plus (30%) Hemp Wax Crumble - 1gram
$65.00  $49.95
500 Plus (50%) Hemp Wax Crumble - 1gram
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$95.00  $69.95
Beautiful Flavor & Effect....ORDER NOW! Free Shipping.
Shatter Extra - 950mg + Full Plant Terpenes
$95.00  $79.95
The TERPENE BLEND Will Take You Back! Free Shipping.
CBD 750 (75+%) Wax Crumble - 1gram
$125.00  $99.95
Intense Concentration of CBD! Free Shipping.