How Do CBD Terpenes Affect the Body?

cbd terpenes

Terpenes are one of the best commercially available products on the market. They’re great for your health and can treat many mental health problems you may have.  

Terpenes are what give cannabis their smell and flavor. They are the oils secreted by plants to repel or attract insects. For a more detailed and scientific description, you can check here.

It’s also important to know that terpenes are found in many plants like fruit and hemp and it gives plants their unique smell. 

Terpenes don’t get you high, but they do have effects on your high, and your mental state in general. 

So read on to find out about terpenes and how different terpenes can affect your body. 

CBD Terpenes Don’t Get You High but They’re Still Fun

As we’ve mentioned before, terpenes aren’t what get you high. They’re the oils secreted by plants to repel insects that would eat them, or attract insects that would pollinate them. 

So what exactly is the point? Terpenes have their own effects. For example, myrcene is a terpene that smells of cloves. Myrcene on its own has anti-inflammatories, anti-bacterial, and pain relieving properties. 

These properties do manifest on their own without the presence of THC or CBD. Combining CBD and terpenes is pretty fun and easy and it doesn’t put you at risk of a bad high unless you take an extreme amount of it. 

Always remember to be responsible with your consumption of any product. 

Different Terpenes Have Different Effects

There are several different kinds of terpenes. Terpenes all have different effects, and CBD terpenes benefits are listed below. 


This terpene is produced by plants such as chamomile and is found in hemp.  

Bisabolol is also an antioxidant and is known for its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and anti-microbial properties. 


If you suffer from depression and/or anxiety, Linalool is the terpene for you. It’s found in lavender and coriander and contributes to their signature smell. It’s a natural antidepressant and anti-anxiety terpene.

Just make sure you don’t have much to do when you take it because it also has pain-relieving and sedative effects. Linalool is best used to de-stress after long days. 


Also found in black pepper, this terpene has the same pain relieving and anti-anxiety properties of many terpenes. 

What makes caryophyllene special is its strong potential use for treating alcoholism.

Caryophyllene binds to the same receptors that control alcohol reward and can help fight off alcohol withdrawal. If you or someone you know needs help fighting alcoholism, caryophyllene may be for them. 

Combining CBD with Terpenes is Healthy 

CBD is well known for helping to treat anxiety, pain, and stress. And, combining terpenes with CBD is perfectly safe and healthy. 

CBD has been used in tandem with terpenes for centuries, and it has always worked well. And CBD and terpenes are not psychoactive like THC is, but can affect your mood. 

This is especially good news for people who don’t want or need to get high but are still attracted to the effects of terpenes and CBD. 

You can also switch up what terpenes you use with CBD until you get a combination of feelings you enjoy. You can also vape CBD oil with terpenes. You can find those kinds of vape oils here

All of the products listed contain extracts from hemp, so you don’t need a prescription to buy them. They have below 0.3% THC which is too low to get you high. Because they’re legal in every state they can be shipped to anywhere in the U.S.

Be Careful When Vaping Terpenes 

Vaping CBD with terpenes is great for your overall health. However, you should always be cautious of making sure your vape device isn’t set too high. 

Most terpenes don’t boil until they’re well past 100 degrees Celsius. So make sure your coils are maintained well. 

Poorly maintained coils can overheat CBD oil with terpenes easily. Make sure you don’t let this happen. You will waste valuable CBD terpenes, and absorb unhealthy chemicals from gunk in your vape. 

Always make sure to clean and maintain your vaping device, especially the coils. You can avoid issues with overcharge by making sure you only charge your device with vape chargers and nothing else.  

You Can Make Terpene Edibles 

If you prefer not to vape, you can always make edibles with CBD terpenes. The process is relatively simple. The general rule of thumb is to make whatever dish you were going to make, then add terpenes or CBD to it when you’re almost done. 

The reason you add them at the end is that terpenes can stop working if they’re heated too much, and you won’t get any effects from it. 

So, the best way to use terpenes in food is to either avoid using them in baked goods or add them towards the end of the process. 

Terpenes Are the Next Big Thing 

Just like how CBD products have changed the landscape of how people treat their ailments, CBD terpenes fine-tune the effects of cannabidiol. 

Terpenes are a lot like ice cream, there’s a wide variety of flavors with different effects. Choosing what effects you want and finding out how to pair them with CBD oils is paramount. 

For more CBD oil with terpenes, check out our range of terpene products. All of them are perfectly legal without a prescription wherever you’re from, as they don’t contain enough THC to get you high, and are extracted from hemp.