How to Pick the Best CBD Vape Juice for the Best Experience

cbd vape juice

Nearly half of CBD users stop using traditional pain meds, a survey says. This speaks volumes about just how effective CBD can be.

But, the benefits don’t stop there. CBD offers relief for anxiety, depression, and may even help smokers quit cigarettes.

As an all-natural, powerful supplement, CBD is worth the investment!

There are many ways to take CBD, too. From tinctures to edibles to vaporization juice, you’re sure to find a method that works for you.

Those who are interested in vaping will want to make sure they’re getting the best CBD vape juice out there. This means knowing what constitutes a quality CBD product.

In this article, we’ll go in depth on how to find a quality CBD oil and how to select the right vaping juice for the effects you want.

Finding A Quality CBD Product

The first step in selecting a hemp oil vape juice is to know what standards to look for. A high-quality CBD product will be full spectrum, free from artificial preservatives and additives, and have minimal THC.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

A full spectrum hemp extract is different from an isolated CBD product.

When a CBD product is full spectrum, it includes the other beneficial compounds of the hemp plant. These include terpenes, flavonoids, phenols, waxes, and other cannabinoids. When included all together in an extract, they work synergistically to produce something called the “entourage effect”. This is when all the components of a plant work together to produce an overall, more beneficial effect.

To get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to use a vape e-liquid that utilizes the whole plant.

Minimal Preservatives and Additives

Many vape juices are created using propylene glycol, a chemical that is expected to be unsafe for humans.

Instead, a company that utilizes a benign ingredient like glycerin is best.

Some CBD products may also contain harmful artificial preservatives. Opting for a product without these is ideal.

Minimal THC

Marijuana and hemp are very different. Farmers breed marijuana to specifically contain high levels of THC, as opposed to hemp. To qualify as industrial hemp, farmers must breed it to contain less than 0.3% THC and high levels of CBD.

When extracted, the final product contains high levels of CBD and virtually none of the psychoactive THC. This means CBD products can be sold legally in all states and be obtained without a prescription.

How to Pick the Best CBD Vape Juice for a Unique Experience

At FX, CBD Vape Oils are created with your experience in mind. There are a variety of terpenes that are naturally occurring in hemp. Each individual terpene exhibits its own unique effects on the body.

By carefully crafting CBD vape juices and selecting terpenes based on their individual properties, FX was able to create products that are tailored for the desired outcome.

From increased creativity to enhanced touch and pain reduction, options are available to select the best CBD juice for your personal needs.


Chill CBD Vape Oil is a product designed to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety. This product contains linalool, a terpene that relaxes the mind and body.

If you’ve had a long day at work, a fight with a loved one, or feel anxiety creeping up on you, Chill helps to relieve stress.


The Imagine product combines linalool and pinene to create a relaxed, calm focus and awareness. This can help you stay productive and creative without feeling stress or pressure.

Imagine is perfect for finishing a project, enjoying a creative hobby, or brainstorming for your business.


Beta-caryophyllene, pinene, and beta-myrcene are the stars of the show in the Remedy CBD vape juice. These terpenes enhance the anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties of CBD.

Remedy is for post-gym for muscle soreness and recovery, back pain, joint pain, and virtually any other pain in the body.


A combination of linalool and myrcene, the Sandman vape juice helps you get a good night’s sleep. These terpenes in synergy with sleep-promoting CBD results in healthy, restful sleep.

This product should be taken right before bed for the best results.


Need to plan for your new project? Have an intensive work day coming up? Need to pivot your business plan?

Think can help.

Limonene and pinene work together to produce a calm, collected focus to help you think clearer & quicker. When your mind is clear, you function better.


To get the right kind of tension in the bedroom, consider Touch CBD vape oil. Using this product to clear your mind can help you focus on your partner in the bedroom. In a more relaxed state, true pleasure is available to you.

To accomplish this, Touch uses beta-caryophyllene and linalool to work synergistically. This, along with CBD, helps to relax the muscles and ease your mind.

Customize Your Own

Aren’t ready to settle for one product yet? FX provides each individual terpene blend separately so you can use each one when needed! This can be combined with the No Added Terpene CBD Vape Oil for the best effect.

You can also add these terpene blends to CBD wax or crystals.

Are These Vape Juices Flavored?

FX’s vape juices don’t contain added flavors as each individual terpene provides a natural flavor profile. Some terpenes have lemony, peppery, or earthy flavors. This removes the need for added flavors.

Also, hemp on its own has a natural, nutty flavor.

A Good CBD Vape Juice Means High-Quality and a Tailored Experience

FX provides a product that meets the standards for a quality CBD product like whole plant utilization, no additives or propylene glycol, and minimal THC. The result is an effective, legal, non-prescription, and beneficial product and the best CBD vape juice.

FX creates a unique experience with its variety of terpene combinations. This means your individual needs can be met with a tailored product.

They also offer their exclusive terpene products individually along with CBD vape oil with no terpenes. With these products, you can customize your own experience.

Learn more about FX Vape CBD Oils here.