Keeping Your Body Healthy: Is Vaping CBD Bad For Your Lungs?

is vaping cbd bad for your lungs

One of the biggest trends around the nation right now is undeniably CBD. You can’t walk past a health store or cafe in a major city without seeing some sort of CBD-related product advertised in the window. 

But CBD is a relatively new fad, and you could be forgiven for not understanding everything about it. Especially when it is combined with another modern trend, vaping. There are plenty of misconceptions around both of these subjects, so it can be hard to find reliable information. 

But is vaping CBD bad for your lungs? 

Your health and well-being is a completely reasonable thing to be concerned about. If you want to learn more about CBD vaping, read on. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this new trend and the potential health risks. 

The Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD is a cannabidiol that is found naturally in cannabis plants. Because cannabis is also used to create marijuana, there is a certain social stigma related to products that originate from the same plant. It’s only in recent years that this stigma has begun to decline. Now days, you can find CBD oil from marijuana, which typically has THC and makes you high, as well as CBD oil from hemp, which has virtually no THC, causes no high and is legal in all states.

However, many scientists and doctors agree that CBD has a number of positive health benefits. It can help people to cope with the many daily struggles of their lives. It can help to suppress various kinds of pain. 

CBD cannabinoids enter the bloodstream and connect with the natural cannabinoid receptors that exist in the body. For many, this can result in a pleasing and relaxed sensation for those who ingest CBD oil. 

Also, many individuals who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and even cancer raeport finding some relief via CBD related products. 

One of the biggest benefits that CBD can offer is its anti-inflammatory properties. If you suffer from swollen muscles or joints, taking CBD may help to relieve and reduce this swelling. In fact, many doctors consider CBD to be a more natural remedy for such issues than most over-the-counter products. 

This makes CBD a great help for many recovering from surgery or who are just getting achier as they age. When it comes to taking CBD, vaping has a number of benefits as a method of choice. 

Benefits of Vaping 

Vaping is an incredibly popular pastime shared by celebrities and people all around the country. One in twenty Americans have reported using a vape or e-cigarette. One of the reasons CBD vaping has taken off is because the results in this method are almost instant.

Vaping CBD oil allows the cannabinoids to enter the lungs, where they can quickly merge into the user’s bloodstream. That means that within minutes of vaping, you can begin to feel the relaxing effects. That’s a hard time to beat. 

Many CBD products that are not vaped, are absorbed through the digestive system instead of the bloodstream. CBD-infused drinks, gummies, baked goods, and so forth are all ingested in this manner. This means they can take a half hour or longer before they begin to take effect. 

Absorption through the bloodstream is almost instantaneous and is much preferred by many CBD users. There are obvious benefits to a quick response. If you’re having a panic attack or anxiety flare up, you can reach instantly for your vape. If you feel sudden pain out of nowhere, vaping CBD can help you find quick relief. 

The portability and convenience of a vape also make it very attractive to those struggling with health issues. Vapes are small enough to fit into your purse or pocket and are ideal for discreet use. They offer no smell and battery charges can last a full day. 

A CBD vape can offer relief to those struggling in a way that few other legal medications can. 

Health Risks and CBD Oil Vaping

CBD vaping is a generally new practice, and as such, care needs to be taken to ensure it is done safely and responsibly. 

People with pre-existing health conditions, especially lung-related issues, should be cautious when vaping. Over inhalation of CBD or really any substance into the lungs can cause nausea and serious coughing fits. 

It’s also important to check the ingredients on your CBD oils before purchasing.

Some CBD oils contain thinning agents that are still being studied for the impact on the human body. Two of the most used thinning agents are polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol. These chemicals have the potential to break down into carcinogenic compounds at a higher temperature. 

Many CBD vapers insist that these thinning agents are completely safe. But a scientific consensus has not yet been reached among researchers. It is advisable to look into the ingredients to see what thinning agents are being used on the particular CBD oil product you’re interested in buying. 

You can and should speak with your doctor before vaping CBD oil if you have any concerns about how it may impact your health. CBD is safe and non-addictive, but overuse can still result in negative effects. 

Is Vaping CBD Bad For Your Lungs? 

You’re interested in vaping but you want to know: is vaping CBD bad for your lungs? The above information should help straighten out the truth from the common misconceptions.

CBD can actually have a number of health benefits as long as it is used responsibly. Misuse of a vape or of CBD oil can result in a risk to the health of your lungs. 

Have more questions about CBD oil? Reach out to us at any time for assistance.