Looking for the Best of the Best: How to Spot High Quality CBD Vape Oil

cbd vape oil

Got started into vaping? Was it to get more restful sleep, to quit smoking, or try out cloud chasing?

It’s no secret how beneficial vaping is, but you can’t really enjoy it without good vape juice. If you’re looking to pick a good starting point or if you want something new, why not try high-quality CBD vape oil?

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, has a lot of benefits whether it’s for your physical or emotional health. But how can you spot good CBD vape juice? Read on and find out more today!

1. The Method of CBD Oil Creation

When it comes to CBD oil, it suffers the same problems as other young industries around. The main issue is the fact that there’s a distinct lack of regulations that control the entire process of CBD creation. What this means is that each CBD brand might have its own means of extracting the oil from the hemp.

Some companies might end up using cheap methods to extra CBD oil. It’s especially common for those brands that sell their products cheap. Often, they will use toxic solvents that can endanger your health, such as:

  • Propane
  • Hexane
  • Pentane
  • Butane

If you want high-quality CBD tincture, you need to ensure that they use organic, supercritical CO2 extraction process. This extraction method yields the highest levels of cannabinoid compared to other refinement processes and produces the extract with the least amount of damage to the CBD molecules.

This method is also the safest if you’re extracting CBD for human use. That’s why it’s important to research your selected vendor’s production methods. It’s often on their website, but you can always talk to customer service for more information.

2. The Source of CBD

CBD is a product manufactured for different uses, such as vaping. But like any product, you need high-quality raw materials to get the same level of finished CBD oil. It’s especially more important for this product, due to its hyperaccumulator characteristics.

What this means is that the plant can absorb anything on the ground without difficulties. Hemp plant growing on rich soil will result in high-quality CBD oils. Otherwise, growing hemp in areas heavy with metals like mercury and lead can endanger humans.

It’s sad to know that some manufacturers will buy low-quality hemp to get their CBD oils. In most cases, these brands only think about profit. That’s the reason why CBD oil often suffers from a negative reputation.

When looking for hemp sources, a good starting point is to ensure that it’s grown in the United States. After all, they need to get certifications from their state departments of agriculture. When researching, check out this document for certification instructions.

3. Check the THC Levels Present in CBD Oil

THC is one of the cannabinoids found in both hemp and marijuana. It’s the substance that gives you a “high” due to its psychoactive effects on your body. The reason hemp is more preferable is due to its lower levels of THC, making it great for processing CBD oil.

The original amount of THC present in hemp might still result in a certain level of high when processed in a careless manner. Manufacturers make CBD oils from thousands of hemp plants, meaning it’s possible to get a high concentration of THC on CBD oils. A lot of manufacturers end up doing this when they refuse to buy the right equipment to process CBD oil from hemp.

For an optimal level of THC, you need to ensure that the product doesn’t go beyond .3% (3/10%) since they become illegal for consumption. Check the labels or contact the company for lab results. This ensures that you get CBD oils that won’t get you high.

4. Check for “Whole Plant” or “Full Spectrum” Label

Another sign of a good CBD oil is that it’s made using the whole hemp plant. CBD Isolates are gaining more popularity these days. In reality, it’s a cheaper material compared to the extracts from the whole plant.

Using everything instead of a single part ensures that the oil contains more than just CBD. It will contain a full spectrum of primary and secondary constituents. That means it will have terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids.

All these ingredients work in synergy with CBD. What this means is that the benefits you get increases compared to CBD alone. That’s why it’s important to check manufacturer websites for the abovementioned labels for maximum efficiency.

5. Good Third-Party Lab Results

Brands that sell high-quality CBD will always show third-party lab results to their intended consumers. Some of these laboratories give favorable results based on unbiased testing. Unfortunately, some products end up failing due to a lack of quality.

If you’re looking for good results, make sure to check out these independent labs. They exist to guarantee that the CBD oil has these characteristics:

  • High CBD levels
  • Low THC levels
  • No harmful impurities

Reputable CBD brands are proud of showing their recent lab results. You can easily find them on their website. Some will include these results in the packaging—others might do both to solidify their claims.

Another good sign of quality CBD oil is a good customer support service. If you’re curious about lab results, try contacting the company and ask for it. Reputable brands are always helpful and will always either direct you to the right page or show the results outright.

Get Quality CBD Vape Oil Today!

When it comes to popularity, CBD oil is here to stay due to its steady growth. With that, some companies refuse to maintain the same integrity levels. The rules and regulations governing CBD will increase in time, especially since hemp got legalized.

But before this happens, you need to be careful on the CBD vape oil brands you choose and trust. If you’re new to CBD, this list can help arm you with the right knowledge. Before long, you can make the right purchase as long as you follow this guide.

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