Linalool – A Terpene found in Cannabis and Other Plants


Today, we shall take a look at a terpene that is used in several of our FX CBD Vape Oil formulas as many people seeking CBD products, also seek some level of relaxation. Linalool, which is found in both hemp and in cannabis plants, is very commonly extracted and associated with Lavender. As many people know, Lavender is quite aromatic and has properties of the ability to relax those who smell it. Well, the source of this lovely aroma and the source of the relaxation is actually the terpene: Linalool.

This same terpene is found in cannabis and hemp and is why some cannabis and hemp plants smell so florally. And, its also one of the reasons why cannabis and/or hemp can make people relaxed. (there can also be other terpenes at play that can cause people to relax). And, so, we use Linalool quite frequently in our FX CBD Vape Oil products because many people who seek out our vape juice are looking for relaxation or calmed effects for seizures, as well as other things. And, so, those people can often benefit from an enhancement of the relaxation through the use of Linalool. In fact, it has been used in aromatherapy to aid people in getting to sleep, as a general relaxant and as an anxiety treatment for thousands of years.

But, what else should we point out about this fine terpene? It is critical in the body’s production of Vitamin E, which is important for healthy body functions in general. And, it is being used and has been used for centuries as an analgesic to relieve pain, as an anti-depressant to relieve related symptoms, as an anti-epileptic to reduce seizures and convulsions, as an anti-inflammatory to reduce inflammation, as an anti-psychotic to relieve symptoms of psychosis, as an anxiolytic to relieve anxiety and as a sedative to improve sleep. Currently, tests are being done on this applications of Linalool, as well as for other health conditions.

In our cbd vape oils and juices, we use Linalool, both by itself and paired with other terpenes to achieve particular effects. Chill is one such formula we offer than utilizes this terpene. Chill is one of our best sellers as many with epilepsy and anxiety use it regularly. It is not so strong that it actually makes someone sleepy (usually), but it has enough terpene to help anyone who is high strung or anxious to be able to let go of that tension and calm down. Also, I know of a particular person who recently purchased some because they had a big speech to do in front of a large audience. They wanted to be as calm and cool as they could be and they used Chill just before going out on stage. While they still had some butterflies, they reported back that they did exceptionally well with their speech and certainly recommend our vape oil for anyone facing such a stressful situation.

Also, it is important to note that since terpenes are chemical compounds, they CAN be reproduced synthetically. However, we ONLY use naturally occurring terpenes and never use synthetic chemicals in our products.