The Ideal Temperature: What Is The Best Temperature To Vape CBD Oil?

best temperature to vape cbd oil

The CBD market has been exploding since some forms of cannabis and hemp have been legalized. CBD is predicted to be a $22 billion industry by the year 2022.

CBD is particularly popular among some of the fastest growing demographics that consume cannabis-related products. Women and Baby Boomers are some of the most enthusiastic CBD consumers in the cannabis and hemp industries.

If you’re looking to try out CBD oil, you’ll want to make sure you’re inhaling it correctly. We’ve put together a guide to answer what’s the best temperature to vape CBD oil for your elucidation.

The Best Temperature To Vape CBD Oil

Vaping has become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis-related products. First of all, it eliminates many of the carcinogenic qualities that come with smoking marijuana. It also allows much more control over your experience, as you’re able to fine-tune how much you consume.

Many vaporizers give you the opportunity to adjust the temperature. Different temperatures yield different results, for a variety of reasons.

Cannabis contains more than one hundred different cannabinoids. Each one responds to different temperatures in different ways. THC and CBD are two of the most common and most important for experience cannabis’ effects.

Calculating The Ideal Temperature

The intended effect you’re looking for is going to play a major role in figuring out what temperature to set your vaporizer.

Most people who vape cannabis-related products are looking to catch a buzz. Setting your vaporizer for 200°C will yield the most desired results for getting high. Cannabinoid acids like THCA and CBDA are decarboxylated at that temperature, converting them into active ingredients.

200°C  is the lowest temperature where decarboxylation can occur. Higher temperatures can yield a higher cannabinoid count.

Vapor can get as high as 77% cannabinoids at 230°C. It can fall as low as 24% at 170°C. 230°C is considered too hot for many vapers, however.

Cannabinoid researchers have determined 210°C to be the best temperature for vaping CBD. It makes for the best balance between cannabinoids and terpenes while still offering a pleasant vaping experience.

Vaping at higher temperatures can yield more cannabinoids. You also run the risk of burning your CBD oil. This makes for a less pleasurable vaping experience as well as running the risk of potentially being carcinogenic.

Vaping Hemp CBD Oil

CBD is found in highest concentrations in the hemp plant. Hemp CBD is an excellent choice for those looking to take advantage of CBD’s medicinal qualities without the mind-altering effects of THC.

Hemp CBD oil can be vaped using virtually any vaping device. The hemp oil is blended with vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). A 50/50 blend is ideal for CBD oil extracted from hemp plants. However, the best vape oils do not utilize ANY propylene glycol as many consider this a harmful chemical.

This means that Hemp CBD oil can be used in anything from a regular e-cig device to an elaborate box vape rig.

With that being said, keep in mind vaping CBD has its own unique concerns. You’re looking to absorb as much CBD oil as possible, not create giant puffs of vapor.

Elaborate sub ohm vape rigs may not be your best bet when it comes to vaping CBD. You’ll end up burning off more CBD than you ingest. It can also make the CBD oil not taste as good.

As a good general rule of thumb, a more basic sub ohm vaporizer or standard MTL device is recommended.

When it comes to choosing a CBD hemp oil for vaping, you’re most likely to find 350 mg and 500 mg varieties. The dosage is also going to affect the vape temperature.

For those looking to take in as much CBD as possible, a higher temperature yields a greater dosage of CBD. For those looking for a more mellow experience, savoring the flavor and a mild relaxing effect, lower temperatures are going to be more suitable for your needs.   

Reasons To Vape At Lower Temperatures

We’ve already discussed some of the reasons someone might want to vape at a higher temperature. Why would someone want to consume fewer cannabinoids though?

Vaping at lower temperatures results in a much less intense high, for one thing. Temperatures below 180°C will result in more terpenes and fewer cannabinoids. That makes for a more flavorful vaping experience that won’t have quite as strong of an effect.

This can be useful for people who vape throughout the day. Vaping at lower temperatures can help increase focus and to feel stimulated and awake.

Terpenes aren’t only good for flavor, either. Certain terpenes have their own medicinal qualities. Myrcene and Limonene, for instance, are both known to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Ways To Vape CBD

CBD can be vaporized in a handful of ways. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, especially when it comes to setting the best temperature for smoking CBD oil.

Pre-filled vape pens are some of the least expensive options out there. That’s because they’re the least customizable. You can still try out different strains when your cartridge runs out, though.

Disposable vape pens are even less expensive. They’re also even less customizable and more disposable. With disposable vape pens, what you buy is what you get.

Higher-end vaporizers like tank style vapes are some of the most popular, for the satisfyingly large clouds of vapor they exhale. They’re also a lot more configurable than pen style vapes. Tank-style vapes are the most likely to offer you the temperature control you’ll need to fine-tune your vaping experience.

CBD is the wave of the future. So is vaping. They’re both growing rapidly, with countless new products hitting the market each year.

Get on board now and fine-tune your CBD vaping. Decide what kind of experience you’d like to have and what benefits you’d like CBD to bring to your life.

Ready To Try CBD Vape Oil?

Hemp CBD truly is the future. It lets you take advantage of Cannabis’ medicinal properties without feeling light-headed or buzzed.

Now that you know the best temperature to vape CBD oil, browse our selection of CBD vape oils today!