Vaping CBD Oil 101: How to Correctly Vape CBD Oil

vaping cbd oil

Did you know the Farm Bill now makes it legal to cultivate hemp, a cannabis plant where CBD comes from? This is good news for buying or selling cannabidiol products like oil, creams, and more.

Not only will this make CBD products more accessible, but it will also open the doors to more studies on CBD. This also paves the way for the production of better CBD vape oils.

Vaping CBD oil is another way to consume and get the benefits of cannabidiol. As it requires more effort than other CBD products, though, many have doubts over the process. Here’s a complete guide about what it does and how to do it the right way.

What Does Vaping CBD Oil Do?

People consume CBD for numerous possible health benefits of cannabidiol, with many reports stating that it can help with conditions like autism, Crohn’s Disease, epilepsy, depression, and much more. On the neurological level, it can help ease inflammation and pain. This is why the United States, along with other countries, is now making it legal for medical purposes.

CBD is available in the market in many forms, so how can vaping it be an advantage?

Ingesting CBD oil is the main way to use it, but inhaling it as vapor could be a better way to maximize its benefits. When ingesting the oil, the bioavailability of CBD may decrease.

The amount of the substance that makes it to the bloodstream becomes limited. This may decrease the effectiveness of the product.

Vaping it instead would allow the substance to enter the bloodstream through the lungs. CBD won’t need to pass through the gut or the liver. The result is an increase in bioavailability by a significant margin.

Getting the Proper Equipment for Vaping

The first step to vaping the proper way is getting the right equipment. A vape has four basic parts: the atomizer, a chamber, a battery, and the mouthpiece. The chamber is where the vape oil aka juice goes in, while the atomizer heats it up for inhalation through the mouthpiece.

The simplest equipment anyone can get is a vape pen. It has these four basic parts in a form similar to a pen in shape and size. It’s popular because of its portability and ease of use. Its coil (the heating element), though, needs replacing every so often.

Another popular type of vape equipment is the one popular with serious vapers. Called tank-style vapes, it’s the one that can produce thick clouds of smoke. Regardless of which style you get, they all use the same vape juice.

Either of the two is great for vaping CBD oil as a beginner, although you have to pay attention to quality. Low-quality vaping equipment can affect the vaping experience. It may also not be able to deliver the CBD to the body in the right way.

In addition to getting the proper equipment one also must acquire a CBD vape oil, which people often confuse with CBD oil. The latter is for oral applications.

On the other hand, CBD oil for vaping has a specific purpose for inhalation as vapor. This means people shouldn’t be vaping CBD oil; they’ll only get a bad taste in their mouth.

Like the equipment, the quality of the CBD oil matters, as well. Companies mix cannabidiol with other substances and chemicals to produce CBD oil and e-juices. Some of these chemicals may turn out to be dangerous, and the resulting product may even contain high levels of THC, making it illegal without a prescription in most states.  

The Right Technique to Vaping CBD Oil

What first-time vapers coming from smoking usually notice is how different they feel. There will be a slight learning curve, but the techniques aren’t that different from smoking.

In general, vapers can choose between three “sipping” methods: a lung inhale, mouth to lung inhale, and mouth hit. Former smokers can choose whichever option feels the most natural to them. Regardless, if one is new to vaping, starting with a mouth hit before trying out other methods is the best way to go about it. However, a mouth hit will not deliver much CBD to the body. So, this is not something you’ll want to keep doing. It’s only suggested as a means to get to know your vaping equipment.

With that said, there’s no “right way” to vaping; it all comes down to preference. Still, it’s best to take it slow and to pay attention to how it feels. The amount of product in the equipment may need adjusting, and vapers may also have to let the smoke stay longer in their lungs to feel the same effect as smoking.

What to Expect When Inhaling and Exhaling

Upon inhalation, one may cough or even feel a pinch and an itching sensation. This is quite normal and it will go away soon, but if not, the smoker may have to stop using it and see a doctor first. This could be a sign of allergy to a component in the vaping juice.

Exhaling will feel a little different to smoking; there’s less of a burning sensation, but the pinch in the throat will likely be present still. One may also cough again at this point, yet there shouldn’t be any pain or such. If one exhales through their nose, they may also be able to pick up on the flavors of the vape oil better.

Through practice, sipping will feel more natural. No matter how much a smoker vapes an FX CBD oil, though, they won’t experience a high as in smoking marijuana. This is true because they’re using hemp-derived CBD oil.

It doesn’t contain as much TCH as those derived from marijuana. As smokers would know, THC is the chemical responsible for the psychoactive properties of cannabis.

Hemp-based CBD oil has less than 0.3% THC, which won’t produce a “high.” This also makes it legal to purchase without prescription in the United States.

Getting Started

Keeping the above tips in mind should make it easy for anyone to transition from smoking to vaping. After the learning curve, vaping CBD oil is as easy as smoking yet not as harmful.

What comes next is choosing the proper equipment and CBD vape oil, though. The good news is that FX CBD has a vast selection of vape oil and terpenes beginners and veterans alike. For any inquiries, contact us today.