Vaping Etiquette: How to Puff Politely in Public and Not be That Guy

vaping etiquette

It’s estimated that by the year 2021, 55 million people will be part of the vaping community. So, are you one of the many who are new to the world of vaping? Then you’ll likely have some questions and concerns about proper vape guidelines. 

Not all vaping gets considered equal. Some people vape nicotine, while others choose the wellness power of CBD. 

Yet, a novice vaper should be well aware of certain manners and behaviors for vaping in public. You’ll also want to brush up on some tips for respectful vaping techniques. 

Check out this gentleman’s guide to proper vaping etiquette.  

Pay Close Attention to E-Cigarette Laws

It’s always smart to abide by existing state laws and federal laws when it comes to vaping in public. Some states follow the same rules that apply for traditional cigarettes. This means you may not be able to vape in places that prohibit cigarettes.   

Many people choose terpene vape juice as it’s a healthier alternative than cigarettes. Yet, many states also prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in certain areas. Airplanes are one place that you should never vape, regardless of whether it’s tobacco or CBD. 

Some people choose to be stealth when vaping in public. While this is a personal choice, you’re running a risk with the law. Many of these vapers use public restrooms to be more discreet.   

You can also choose from different styles and sizes of vape pens. A more compact model gets recommended if you’re trying to be discreet when vaping. These are also easier to travel with. 

Be Courteous in Close Spaces 

A number one rule in vaping etiquette is to always be mindful of others. Although CBD terpenes for vape won’t get you high, it’s still a good idea to be considerate in close spaces. 

It’s best not to vape in public places like grocery stores, banks, and libraries. Restaurants and bars are often more open-minded to customers who vape. Yet, it depends on each restaurant’s guidelines and its location.

Before vaping at the home of a friend or family member, it’s a good idea to ask first. If they don’t vape, you may want to take it outdoors. It’s also best not to vape when children are present, without the parent’s permission. 

In places that allow vaping, you should still be careful to blow your vape cloud away from others. It’s also courteous to vape next to an open window to allow fresh air to circulate. You can also use a patio or balcony when vaping.

Always be respectful of children or sensitive people in the area. This means you should never vape near schools or medical facilities. 

Public spaces like community parks and local beaches often have property signage. So be on the lookout for signs to alert you of any e-cigarette rules.

Stadiums, theaters, and music venues often follow the same guidelines. Outdoor concert venues are likely a more acceptable environment for vaping. 

People may even be more inclined to let you vape if you tell them it’s CBD-based liquid terpenes. Vaping nicotine and THC may not give you the same reaction. Yet, you should never get offended or irritated if someone is not okay with you vaping near them.  

Know Your Work Environment  

There are many reasons for people to want to vape during the workday. This includes using CBD to help with pain management or anxiety. The best CBD oil for pain even works to provide relief for arthritis when typing.  

Most people also choose to vape for fast and effective results. As an edible can take about an hour for the effects to kick in.

Yet, vaping at work should always follow company policies. Certain businesses, like Target, do not allow any vaping on property. It’s also important not to upset any employees (or your boss) that may be sensitive to vaping. 

You also want to consider the culture of your company and your career field. Any jobs in health and medical or childcare wouldn’t allow vaping.

More creative jobs like advertising may allow the use of vape products. Doing this allows more relaxation for employees and spurs the creative thought process. 

So if unsure, it’s best to take a quick break and vape outdoors. Some companies even have designated smoking areas. This encourages vaping to be a social activity for colleagues to take a vape break together.   

Many people turn to CBD vaping to help them break the cigarette habit. Yet, remember to still be courteous of those who smoke traditional cigarettes. It’s best not to judge or pressure others who are still smoking regular cigarettes.   

Consider How You Commute

If you drive yourself to work, vaping is fair game. Yet, when carpooling, always ask your passengers if they are okay with your vaping habit. Many vape juice brands offer pleasant scents to appeal more to non-vaping passengers. 

Public transportation often does not allow vaping. So no puffing on trains, buses, and subways.  

For taxis and Uber rides, it depends on the driver’s preferences. It’s polite to ask them first if you can vape in their vehicle.  

Those who live in an urban environment often walk or bike to work. If vaping on your commute, do your best not to blow your vape clouds at others.  

Practice Good Hygiene 

Many people choose to vape as a way to live a healthier lifestyle. Others do it as a way to gain the health benefits of CBD. This makes it especially important to think about health and hygiene before vaping.

If new to vaping, make sure someone offers first before you try their pen. Always be health conscious if sharing a vape pen with someone else. Doing this can spread germs, so it’s a safer bet to use your own pen.  

Becoming a Master of Vaping Etiquette

When learning to vape, it’s important to follow proper guidelines and mannerisms. These vaping etiquette tips will take you from newbie to expert in no time. 

Remember that proper vaping behaviors include following the law. You should also always show consideration for others.

If you’re in doubt, communication is key when vaping in public. Always be polite and ask those around you if they mind. Now that you’re ready to join the world of vaping, browse the collection of vape products.