What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?


What is Cannabidiol (CBD)? Characteristics, Benefits and Extraction

When evaluating cannabis (either hemp or marijuana) and its benefits, two key compounds are sure to arise: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). While THC and its effect of making users feel high is quite well known, CBD is now gaining more fame due to the benefits it has to offer.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cannabidiol is often extracted from hemp, a variety of cannabis. Such hemp is typically grown to have high concentration of CBD and minimal THC concentrations. CBD, often referred to as Cannabis oil, is a valuable food supplement; besides the potential medicinal use being studied by researchers. Since CBD and THC are both present in the highest concentrations compared to the other 60-plus cannabinoids found in marijuana, the effects of cannabis would be largely attributable to the two compounds. However, CBD is probably the most important. In fact, researches are developing particular strains of hemp that possess minimal THC concentrations, limiting the related psychoactive effects so as to derive greater benefits from CBD.

What are the Benefits of CBD as a Supplement?

The recent rise in popularity of CBD has partly to do with its relaxation effects. Quite a number of people have experienced the calm and relaxation of the cannabis oil. Apart from offering relaxation benefits, it also offers various other benefits typical of supplements. This includes antioxidant properties. Another interesting property is its ability to improve alertness. This is clearly evident from various studies which have found that the intoxicating effect of THC can actually be countered by CBD. This means that the paranoia and memory impairment that’s often caused by THC may be replaced by increased alertness, caused by CBD. As more and more research is carried out on CBD, a wider array of beneficial aspects is sure to be uncovered.

How is CBD-Rich Cannabis Oil Extracted?

There are several safe and effective ways of extracting CBD-rich Cannabis oil. The first thing you need to realize is that CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid present in cannabis; there exist as many as 66 cannabinoids. That’s besides more than 400 other compounds found in the plant, including: amino acids, terpenoids, proteins, enzymes, sugars, fatty acids, flavinoids and esters, among others. Considering the numerous compounds, the best extracting method must be utilized in order to derive the purest extract with the highest CBD concentration. However, the very first consideration is making use of plant material that possesses a high CBD concentration.
Several extraction methods include:- CO2 extraction: This is a method that utilizes extremely low temperatures as well as high pressure carbon dioxide. It serves to isolate and maintain purity of the oil extract, apart from preserving it. Understandably, such a process would require specialized equipment, which is quite expensive.- Ethanol extraction: This is a method that’s useful in production of cannabis oil for vape pen cartridges. The extract is typically of high quality; since the process utilizes high grade grain alcohol.- Olive oil extraction: This is a method that’s less expensive that the CO2 extraction. It’s a safe method that produces cannabis-infused olive oil. Since the end-product is perishable, it requires storage in a cool and dark place. Certainly, Cannabidoil has a lot to offer as a supplement, especially when extracted in high concentrations.